Ken O'Connor

Ken O'Connor

Mishap Investigation Program Manager

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Gerry Schumann

Gerry Schumann

Mishap Investigation Program Executive

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Points of Contact

For details on contacting a Mishap Investigation Point of Contact (PoC) for your location, click below.

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Mishap Program Working Group

Mishap Program Working Group

“The focus of this advisory body is to facilitate implementation of NASA’s world-class Mishap Investigation program. The [NASA Mishap Program Working Group] NMPWG will evaluate program effectiveness, identify concerns and shortfalls, and convey best practices from the NASA centers (which include the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and component facilities) related to incident reporting, investigation, analysis, corrective action and recordkeeping to preclude mishap recurrence. The NMPWG will also provide input and analysis for NASA policy updates related to incident reporting, investigation, recording and analysis.”

Mishap Program Working Group Charter


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SATERN Courses

Course Title Course Number Buttons
Completing the Investigation and Mishap Report
Additional Details
Human Performance Improvement Accident Investigation Program
Additional Details
Introduction to Human Factors in Mishap and Close Call Investigation SMA-001-07 Additional Details
Mishap Investigation Board (MIB) Chair Training SMA-002-13 Additional Details
Mishap Investigation Roles and Responsibilities
Additional Details
NASA Human Factors in Mishap Investigation SMA-002-15 Additional Details
NASA Interim Response Team Training SMA-002-11 Additional Details
OSHA Recordkeeping Basics SMA-OS-WBT-270 Additional Details
Overview of Mishap Investigations
Additional Details
Root Cause Analysis
Additional Details

Instructor-Led Courses

NASA Root Cause Analysis SMA-SAFE-OSMA-4003

This course provides training on Root Cause Analysis methodology that can be used in both general problem solving and Mishap and Close Call Investigation. It allows students to gain hands-on experience differentiating between events and conditions, identifying cause and effect relationships, discriminating between barriers and controls, constructing a timeline, and constructing Event and Causal Factor Trees. Examples and exercises will be provided from NASA and other government agencies.

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Policy and Guidance


NPR 8621.1 NASA Procedural Requirements for Mishap and Close Call Reporting, Investigating, and Recordkeeping

This policy provides requirements to report, investigate and document mishaps, close calls and previously unidentified serious workplace hazards to prevent recurrence of similar accidents.

See NPR 8621.1

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