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Using Ionizers for Electrostatic Discharge Control

Ionizers can neutralize the charge on insulators near sensitive mission hardware before and during work. Watch this video to find out how ionizers help prevent damage caused by Electrostatic Discharge and how they should be tested and maintained.

Electrostatic Discharge Overview

Damage from Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) can put an entire mission at risk. Just a tiny, imperceptible shock can harm sensitive hardware. This video explains how ESD damage occurs and describes prevention techniques.

Safety and Mission Success Review

Feature Video

The Safety and Mission Success Review (SMSR) video provides an introduction to the SMSR, which is a voice-recorded, predecisional briefing co-chaired by the NASA chief of Safety and Mission Assurance and the NASA chief engineer. The purpose of the SMSR is to independently assess the readiness to proceed with a NASA mission, both human and robotic, as well as test flights and demonstrations of commercially developed launch vehicles and spacecraft.

Safety Cases: Concept, Experience and Prospects

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In this seminar, John McDermid, professor of software engineering at the University of York, discusses the concept of safety cases, the motivation for producing them, and some of the notations and approaches to representing them.

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Learn about the Office of Safety and Mission Assurance, its disciplines and programs, and much more in these feature videos.

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Guest speakers deliver the monthly Safety Messages in these live recordings.

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