Aviation Operations and Safety

The Aviation Operations and Safety Program ensures mission success and preserves human and material resources by preventing damage and injury through the elimination or mitigation of hazards. The center Aviation Safety Officers (ASOs) serve as the center's focal point for Aviation Safety and also are responsible for managing the center's Aviation Safety Program. These ASOs are assigned in the center’s Flight Operations departments and work with the center’s Safety and Mission Assurance (SMA) organizations when needed.

As stated in NPR 7900.4, NASA Aircraft Operations Management, “NASA's major involvement in aeronautics dictates a commitment to aviation safety, not only through the Aviation Safety Program but also in all technology programs.”

The chief of SMA has delegated management of the NASA Aviation Safety Program to the Headquarters’ Aircraft Management Division.


Al Micklewright

Al Micklewright

Aviation Safety Program Manager

Learn more about Aviation Safety Program Manager Al Micklewright.

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Richard Schlatter

Richard Schlatter

Aircraft Operations Program Executive

Learn more about Aircraft Operations Program Executive Richard Schlatter.

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Jamal Abbed

Aviation Oversight Program Executive

Learn more about Aviation Oversight Program Executive Jamal Abbed.

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Points of Contact

Points of Contact

For details on contacting an Aviation Safety Point of Contact (PoC) for your location, click below.

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Aviation Safety Officer Working Groups

Find information regarding the Aircraft Operations, Maintenance, Commercial Services and Safety Work Groups on the ISMD Portal (for internal NASA access only).

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Launch SATERN SATERN Courses
Course Title Course Number Buttons 
Basics of Aviation SMA-AS-WBT-100 SMA-AS-WBT-100 Details
Commercial Aircraft Safety Assessment and 1309 Design Analysis SMA-AS-EXTW-301 SMA-AS-EXTW-301 Details
Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance / Maintenance Resource Management (MRM) SMA-HQ-WBT-223
SMA-HQ-WBT-223 Details
Range Safety Orientation - Web-Based SMA-AS-WBT-410 SMA-AS-WBT-410 Details

Instructor-Led Courses

Course Title Course Number  
Aircraft Accident Investigation SMA-AS-EXTI-303 SMA-AS-EXTI-303 Details
Aircrew Resource Management JSC-SAFE-NSTC-026P JSC-SAFE-NSTC-026P Details
Aviation Safety Management Systems (ASMS)
SMA-AS-EXTI-201 Details
Conceptual Design Of Unmanned Aircraft Systems SMA-AS-EXTI-401 SMA-AS-EXTI-401Details
Digital Flight Control Systems: Analysis And Design SMA-AS-EXTI-403 SMA-AS-EXTI-403 Details
FAA Certification Procedures And Airworthiness Requirements SMA-AS-EXTI-205 SMA-AS-EXTI-205 Details
Flight Test Principles And Practices SMA-AS-EXTI-204 SMA-AS-EXTI-204 Details
Gas Turbine Engine Accident Investigation SMA-AS-EXTI-305 SMA-AS-EXTI-305 Details
Human Factors in Aviation Safety
SMA-AS-EXTI-304 Details
Performance Flight Testing II SMA-AS-EXTI-302 SMA-AS-EXTI-302 Details
Principles of Aeroelasticity SMA-AS-EXTI-404 SMA-AS-EXTI-404 Details

Policy and Guidance


Policy Title Buttons Buttons
NPR 7900.3, Chapter 6
Aircraft Operations Management, Aviation Safety
NPR 7900.3 Details See NPR 7900.3
NPR 8715.3, Chapter 4
NASA General Safety Program Requirements, Aviation Safety
NPR 8715.3 Details See NPR 8715.3
NPD 7900.4
NASA Aircraft Operations Management Directive
NPD 7900.4 Details See NPD 7900.4


41 CFR 102-33 Management of Government Aircraft

This policy from the General Services Administration covers what standards NASA should establish or require for Aviation Safety management. It requires that NASA implement the following: "By June 30, 2015, a Safety Management System (SMS) that complies with the FAA’s [Federal Aviation Administration's] current Advisory Circular that addresses Safety Management Systems (SMS) or an equivalent internationally recognized SMS standard."

See 41 CFR 102-33