• Training Available: Learn to Perform Human Factors Analyses

    The Human Factors Task Force is hosting a virtual NASA Human Factors Analysis and Classifications System (NASAHFACS) training and certification course, available to NASA personnel interested in learning about the impact of Human Factors across the agency. The three-day certification course will be July 27-29, 2021, via Microsoft Teams.

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  • Human Factors Program: Year in Review

    As the new calendar year approaches, the Human Factors Task Force (HFTF) started reflecting on its many achievements over the past 12 months. The team gained new members, offered and developed more training, and integrated Human Factors into the agency mishap reporting system.

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Isabel Hernandez

Isabel Hernandez

Human Factors Intern

Learn more about Human Factors Intern Isabel Hernandez.

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Lt. Col. Denise Zona

Lt. Col. Denise Zona

Human Factors Interagency Advisor

Learn more about Human Factors Interagency Advisor Lt. Col. Denise Zona.

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Andre Karpowich

Andre Karpowich

Human Factors Co-Chair

Learn more about Human Factors Co-Chair Andre Karpowich.

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Tracy Dillinger

Tracy Dillinger

Human Factors Technical Manager

Learn more about Human Factors Program Manager Tracy Dillinger.

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Points of Contact

Points of Contact

For details on contacting a Human Factors Program Point of Contact (PoC) for your location, click below. 

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Human Factors Task Force

“The purpose of the Human Factors Task Force is to provide and expand the understanding and impact of Human Factors across the Agency. This includes consideration of Human Factors preventatively for improved organizational performance as well as identification of Human Factors retrospectively in mishap investigations.”

Human Factors Task Force Charter



SATERN Courses
NASA Human Factors In Mishap Investigation SMA-002-15

This course provides students with basic concepts and information necessary to perform Human Factors analyses in mishap and close call investigations. SMA-002-15 is an equivalent version of the instructor-led course "Human Factors in Mishap Investigation" (SMA-SAFE-OSMA-4004) and an expansion of the web-based course "Introduction to Human Factors in Mishap and Close Call Investigation" (SMA-001-07).

SMA-002-15 Details Launch SATERN
Instructor-Led Courses
Course Title Course Number Buttons
Human Factors In Mishap Investigation SMA-SAFE-OSMA-4004 SMA-SAFE-OSMA-4004 Details
NASAHFACS Training and Certification SMA-SAFE-OSMA-4009 SMA-SAFE-OSMA-4009 Details
Advanced Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS) Seminar SMA-SAFE-OSMA-4010 SMA-SAFE-OSMA-4010 Details

Policy and Guidance


Policy Title Buttons Buttons
NPR 8621.1
NASA Procedural Requirements for Mishap and Close Call Reporting, Investigating, and Recordkeeping
NPR 8621.1 Details See NPR 8621.1
NPR 7900.3
Aircraft Operations Management
NPR 7900.3 Details See NPR 7900.3
NPD 8700.1
NASA Policy for Safety and Mission Success
NPD 8700.1 Details See NPD 8700.1
Human Factors Handbook
NASA Office of Safety and Mission Assurance Human Factors Handbook: Procedural Guidance and Tools
Human Factors Handbook Details See Human Factors Handbook





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