Kenny Mathews

Kenny Mathews

Metrology and Calibration Program Manager

Learn more about Metrology and Calibration Program Manager Kenny Mathews.

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Brian Hughitt

Brian Hughitt

Metrology and Calibration Program Executive

Learn more about Metrology and Calibration Program Executive Brian Hughitt.

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Points of Contact

For details on contacting a Metrology and Calibration Point of Contact (PoC) for your location, click below.

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Metrology and Calibration Working Group

The Metrology and Calibration Working Group (MCWG) was established in accordance with the provisions of NPD 8730.1, Metrology and Calibration, to provide a forum to promote agency-wide standardization and cooperative action on problems of management, coordination and operation of NASA center Metrology and Calibration programs. The MCWG is comprised of representatives from each of the NASA centers.

MetCal Working Group


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SATERN Courses

Course Title Course Number Buttons
Measurement Decision Risk SMA-QE-WBT-343 SMA-QE-WBT-343 Details
Measurement Uncertainty Analysis SMA-QE-WBT-342 SMA-QE-WBT-342 Details
Metrology and Calibration SMA-QE-WBT-248 SMA-QE-WBT-248 Details
Metrology and the Consequences of Bad Measurement Decisions SMA-QE-WBT-148 SMA-QE-WBT-148 Details
Programmable Josephson Voltage Standard (PJVS)
SMA-HQ-WBT-102 Details

Policy and Guidance


Policy Title Buttons Buttons
NPD 8730.1C Metrology and Calibration NPD-8730-1C Details See NPD 8730.1C
NPD 8730.5 NASA Quality Assurance Program Policy NPD-8730-5 Details See NPD 8730.5
NASA-HDBK-8739.19 NASA Measurement Quality Assurance Handbook NASA-HDBK-8739-19 Details See NASA-HDBK-8739.19

Calibration Capabilities Database

The NASA Calibration Capabilities Database assists users of Measuring and Test Equipment in identifying and assessing calibration capabilities that exist across NASA. The database lists the full spectrum of calibration capabilities available at each of the NASA centers and component facilities.

The capabilities are searchable by location (center/facility), by 11 general measurement disciplines (Dimensional, Electrical, etc.) and by 70 specific subdisciplines (Length, Flatness, DC Voltage, AC Voltage, etc.). 

Points of Contact (PoCs) are listed for each location included in the database as well. Contact these PoCs for further information on available calibration capabilities or to arrange calibration services.

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Have a question about Metrology and Calibration, such as what services the program offers or the capabilities of the NASA labs? The NASA Metrology and Calibration Program Office wants to help. Submit questions here!

Program Manager Kenny Mathews or someone from his team will respond to your question within two weeks. If you need more immediate assistance, please contact one of the Points of Contact in the above People section.