Safety and Mission Success Review (SMSR) Program Manager

Points of Contact

Points of Contact

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Policy and Guidance


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NPR 7120.5 NASA Space Flight Program and Project Management Requirements NPR 7120.5 Details See NPR 7120.5
NPR 8705.6, Chapter 3 Safety and Mission Assurance (SMA) Audits, Reviews, and Assessments, Safety and Mission Success Review (SMSR) NPR 8705.6 Details See NPR 8705.6
HOWI 8700-GB035 Management of the Safety and Mission Success Review (SMSR) Process HOWI 8700-GN035 Details See HOWI 8700-GN035

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A Pre-SMSR is a preparatory SMSR event (teleconference or in-person meeting) — typically held one to four weeks prior to the actual SMSR, and usually lasts an hour — to determine the exact scope of the SMSR, providing any clarification or tailoring of the SMSR process to include:
    • The proposed SMSR agenda, including potential topics, presenters and time required for each presentation
    • The proposed SMSR final concurrence poll to ensure correct individuals have been identified for polling at the conclusion of the SMSR
    • Identification of expected SMSR participants, including any expected non-NASA and international participants
    • Identification of, and procedures for identifying and approving any expected content which may subject to special handling or controls, to include
      • Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)
      • International Traffic in Arms Regulations/Export Administration Regulations restricted materials
      • Limited Rights data
      • Proprietary data
    • A review of general SMSR meeting logistics, including audio/video arrangements and presentation file submission and access

    Generally, attendance at Pre-SMSRs is limited to SMSR logistics coordinators and SMSR presenters.
  • SMSR presentation content is uploaded to an online NASA Enterprise Document Management System and archived per SMSR record retention policies. As a pre-decisional review, detailed SMSR meeting minutes are not produced; in lieu, the SMSR is audio/visual recorded.
  • SMSR events are by invitation only, and SMSR invitations include necessary SMSR event access and participation information.