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The Office of Safety and Mission Assurance (OSMA) assures the safety and enhances the success of all NASA activities. Take a look around our website to learn what's happening in NASA's Safety and Mission Assurance community, including updates on disciplines, programs, policies and personnel.

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What's Happening in the SMA Community?

Range Safety Group Sets Sights on Autonomous Flight Systems Policy

Attendees of the Range Commanders Council’s 117th Range Safety Group Technical Interchange Meeting last November discussed the growing relevancy of autonomous flight systems in the Range Flight Safety community, as well as related policy changes needed to accommodate the new interest. In addition, they discussed resource protection, a launch vehicle failure, and upcoming policy and risk criteria changes related to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The meeting was hosted by the Missile Defense Agency at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, and attended by representatives from government agencies and industries with ties to and interest in the U.S. National Test Ranges.

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Paul Kirkpatrick Receives Yes-If Coin for Exemplary Leadership

On Feb. 11, Deputy Chief Safety and Mission Assurance Officer Emeritus for the Commercial Crew Program Paul Kirkpatrick received a NASA Yes-If challenge coin for exemplary leadership over his 44-year career as a safety professional.

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Updated Complex Electronics Assurance Handbook Works in Partnership With Engineering Handbook

Updates to NASA-HDBK-8739.23, Complex Electronics Handbook for Assurance Professionals, went into effect on Feb. 2, 2016. These changes brought the assurance handbook into alignment with NASA-HDBK-4008, Programmable Logic Devices (PLD) Handbook. 

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Updated NSRS Course Available on SATERN

An updated and revised NASA Safety Reporting System (NSRS) course is now available on SATERN.

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NASA Safety Reporting

NASA Safety Reporting

Learn more about reporting safety concerns at NASA.
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Ground Effect

Gulfstream G650 Test Flight Crash

On April 2, 2011, four highly experienced, proficient flight test personnel were killed when a Gulfstream G650 crashed during certification testing. Gulfstream was focused on obtaining Federal Aviation Administration type certification by the third quarter of 2011. Among other factors, the crash was traced to incorrect calculation of takeoff and stall speeds and a superficial review of two previous similar near-crashes.

Office of Safety and Mission Assurance

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The Office of Safety and Mission Assurance (OSMA) assures the safety and enhances the success of all NASA activities through the development, implementation and oversight of agency-wide safety, reliability, maintainability and quality assurance policies and procedures. OSMA includes the Mission Support Division, Safety and Assurance Requirements Division, and NASA Safety Center, as well as the Independent Verification and Validation Facility.

Policy Status Updates

Recently Published

Policy Title Status  
NASA-HDBK-8739.23 Complex Electronics Handbook for Assurance Professionals Revision effective Feb. 2, 2016  
NASA-HDBK-8709.24 NASA Safety Culture Handbook Revision effective Nov. 23, 2015  
NASA-STD 8719.17B
NASA Requirements for Ground-Based Pressure Vessels and Pressurized Systems (PV/S) Revision effective Sept. 30, 2015  
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Currently in Review

Policy Title
NPR 8621.1B
Mishap and Close Call Reporting, Investigating and Recordkeeping
NPR 8705.2B
Human-Rating Requirements for Space Systems
NPR 8705.6B Safety and Mission Assurance (SMA) Audits, Reviews, and Assessments
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Upcoming Reviews

Policy Title
NPD 8720.1C NASA Reliability and Maintainability (R&M) Program Policy
NPD 8730.1C Metrology and Calibration
NPD 8730.2C NASA Parts Policy
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