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    The Office of Safety and Mission Assurance (OSMA) assures the safety and enhances the success of all NASA activities. Take a look around our website to learn what's happening in NASA's Safety and Mission Assurance community, including updates on disciplines, programs, policies and personnel.

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What's Happening in the SMA Community?

New UAS Course Teaches Range Flight Safety Aspects of Use

3-minute read

NASA’s Range Flight Safety program recently released “UAS Range Flight Safety” (SMA-AS-WBT-300) to address the Range Flight Safety aspects of flying Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) at NASA. 

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NASA Software Engineering Requirements Now in Effect

2-minute read
NPR 7150.2C, NASA Software Engineering Requirements went into effect Aug. 2. This policy applies to the complete software development life cycle, including software planning, development, testing, maintenance, retirement, operations, management, acquisition and assurance activities.
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Langley UAS Operations Office Awarded for Safety Oversight

3-minute read

For the second straight year, XCELLENCE Awards by the Association for Unmanned Vehicles Systems International (AUVSI) awarded first place in its Operations and Safety Organization category to NASA Langley Research Center’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Operations Office. The award recognizes the office’s overall safety and oversight of all UAS operations at Langley.

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New SATERN Course on Metrology and Calibration Requirements

2-minute read

The NASA Metrology and Calibration Program released a new course in SATERN, “NASA Metrology and Calibration Program Requirements Overview.”

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NASA Safety Reporting

NASA Safety Reporting

Learn more about reporting safety concerns at NASA.
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Featured Safety Message

Risk Versus Risk Trades

As explorers and scientists, we at NASA have been making risk trades since the beginning. This safety message illustrates risk trades such as taking one risk versus another risk, as compared to taking a risk to gain a benefit. Which option seems to give the best opportunity to succeed? When decisions are time-critical and you have minutes or seconds to decide, the first workable option based upon experience (training and operations), skill, and systems knowledge can save the day.

Office of Safety and Mission Assurance

What We Do

The Office of Safety and Mission Assurance (OSMA) assures the safety and enhances the success of all NASA activities through the development, implementation and oversight of agency-wide safety, reliability, maintainability and quality assurance policies and procedures. OSMA includes the Mission Support Division, Safety and Assurance Requirements Division, and NASA Safety Center, as well as the Independent Verification and Validation Facility.

Policy Status Updates

Recently Published

Policy Title Effective  
NASA-HDBK-8709.22 Safety & Mission Assurance Acronyms, Abbreviations, & Definitions
May 14, 2019
See NASA-HDBK-8709.22
Process for Limiting Orbital Debris
April 25, 2019
See NASA-STD-8719.14
NPD 8730.2C, With Change 2
NASA Parts Policy
April 2, 2019
See NPD 8730.2

Currently in Review

Policy Title  
NASA-STD-8719.13 Software Safety Standard
See NASA-STD-8719.13
Standard for Software Assurance See NASA-STD-8739.8
NID for NPD 8020.7 Biological Contamination Control for Outbound and Inbound Planetary Spacecraft See NPD 8020.7
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Upcoming Reviews

Policy Title  
NASA-STD-6008 NASA Fastener Procurement, Receiving Inspection, and Storage Practices for Spaceflight Hardware See NASA-STD-6008
NASA-STD-8719.11 Safety Standard for Fire Protection See NASA-STD-8719.11
NASA-STD-8719.7  Facility System Safety Guidebook  
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