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The Office of Safety and Mission Assurance (OSMA) assures the safety and enhances the success of all NASA activities. Take a look around our website to learn what's happening in NASA's Safety and Mission Assurance community, including updates on disciplines, programs, policies and personnel.

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What's Happening in the SMA Community?

OSMA’S NDE Program Granted Patent

The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted NASA’s Office of Safety and Mission Assurance Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) program a patent for its Electric Field Quantitative Measurement System and Method. The patent covers both the Electric Field Imaging sensor and the methods developed by Edward Generazio, NDE program manager.

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OSMA’s NDE Program Published Capabilities Data Book

NASA’s Office of Safety and Mission Assurance Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) program recently published a Technical Manual, NASA DOEPOD [Design of Experiments for Probability of Detection] NDE Capabilities Data Book.

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NASA’s Meteoroid Environments Office Publishes Two Manuals

NASA’s Meteoroid Environments Office recently released two Technical Manuals (TMs): NASA Meteoroid Engineering Model Release 2.0 (TM-2015-218214) and Lunar Impact Flash Locations (TM-2015-218213).

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NASA Safety Culture Handbook Is Now Available

NASA-HDBK-8709.24, NASA Safety Culture Handbook is now available. The handbook, which was a collaborative effort from the Safety Culture Working Group, contains information on the NASA Safety Culture Program, the Safety Culture Model, the Safety Culture Survey process, and provides guidance on the development and implementation of Safety Culture at the center level.

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NASA Safety Reporting

NASA Safety Reporting

Learn more about reporting safety concerns at NASA.
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This Month's Safety Message

The Role of "Heart" in Heart Disease

As leaders, we often say, "Take care of your people." Some of the most serious risks we face pay no attention to workplace boundaries. This month, Grant Watson, director of Safety and Mission Assurance at Langley Research Center, shares his personal message of how his parents’ heart disease changed how he regarded his own heart health.

Office of Safety and Mission Assurance

What We Do

The Office of Safety and Mission Assurance (OSMA) assures the safety and enhances the success of all NASA activities through the development, implementation and oversight of agency-wide safety, reliability, maintainability and quality assurance policies and procedures. OSMA includes the Mission Support Division, Safety and Assurance Requirements Division, and NASA Safety Center, as well as the Independent Verification and Validation Facility.

Policy Status Updates

Recently Published

Policy Title Status  
NASA-HDBK-8709.24 NASA Safety Culture Handbook Revision effective Nov. 23, 2015  
NASA-STD 8719.17B
NASA Requirements for Ground-Based Pressure Vessels and Pressurized Systems (PV/S) Revision effective Sept. 30, 2015  
NASA-STD 8719.24 and Annex
NASA Expendable Launch Vehicle Payload Safety Requirements Revision effective Sept. 30, 2015 See Policy News
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Currently in Review

Policy Title
NPR 8621.1B
Mishap and Close Call Reporting, Investigating and Recordkeeping
NPR 8705.2B
Human-Rating Requirements for Space Systems
NPR 8705.5A Technical Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) Procedures for Safety and Mission Success for NASA Programs and Projects
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Upcoming Reviews

Policy Title
NPD 8730.1C
Metrology and Calibration
NPD 8730.5
NASA Quality Assurance Program Policy
NPD 8705.6B
Safety and Mission Assurance Audits, Reviews, and Assessments
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