Suzanne Aleman

Suzanne Aleman

Nuclear Flight Safety Assurance Manager

Learn more about Nuclear Flight Safety Assurance Manager Sue Aleman. 

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Points of Contact

Points of Contact

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Policy and Guidance


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NPR 8715.3, Chapter 6 NASA General Safety Program Requirements, Nuclear Safety for Launching of Radioactive Materials
NPR 8715.3 Details See NPR 8715.3
NASA/SP-2014-3705 NASA Space Flight Program and Project Management Handbook
NASA/SP-2014-3705 Details See NASA/SP-2014-3705
NASA Systems Engineering Handbook
NASA/SP-2007-6105 Details See NASA/SP-2007-6105

2010 National Space Policy

The 2010 National Space Policy of the United States of America states, “Approval by the President or his designee shall be required to launch and use United States Government spacecraft utilizing nuclear power systems either with a potential for criticality or above a minimum threshold of radioactivity, in accordance with the existing interagency review process. To inform this decision, the Secretary of Energy shall conduct a nuclear safety analysis for evaluation by an ad hoc Interagency Nuclear Safety Review Panel that will evaluate the risks associated with launch and in-space operations.”