Dr. Mary Skow

Dr. Mary Skow

Agency Risk Management Officer

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Dr. Homayoon Dezfuli

Risk Management Program Manager

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SATERN Courses

Risk Informed Decision Making (RIDM) SMA-RISK-OSMA-0013

This course covers in detail one of the two processes comprised in the NASA Risk Management process required by NPR 8000.4. Its content is based on the NASA RIDM Handbook and it provides detailed guidance for implementing the RIDM requirements of NPR 8000.4, with a specific focus on programs and projects in the Formulation Phase. Content includes RIDM process interfaces, the technical details of the various steps in the RIDM process and a case study with opportunities for student participation that runs throughout the course to illustrate the key learning points. This course is intended for NASA program, project, mission support, institutional, systems engineering, and Safety and Mission Assurance personnel who wish to play a role in bringing about improved decision-making anywhere in the agency.

SMA-RISK-OSMA-0013 Details Launch SATERN

Policy and Guidance


Policy Title Buttons Buttons
NPD 1000.0 NASA Governance and Strategic Management Handbook NPD 1000.0 Details See NPD 1000.0
NPD 1000.5 Policy for NASA Acquisition NPD-1000-5 Details See NPD 1000.5
NPD 1200.1 NASA Internal Control NPD 1200.1 Details See NPD 1200.1
NPD 7120.4 NASA Engineering and Program/Project Management Policy NPD 7120.4 Details See NPD 7120.4
NPD 8700.1 NASA Policy for Safety and Mission Success NPD 8700.1 Details See NPD 8700.1
NPR 8000.4 Agency Risk Management Procedural Requirements NPR 8000.4 Details See NPR 8000.4
NASA/SP-2010-576 NASA Risk-Informed Decision Making Handbook NASA/SP-2010-576 Details See NASA/SP-2010-576
NASA/SP-2011-3422 NASA Risk Management Handbook NASA/SP-2011-3422 Details See NASA/SP-2011-3422
NASA/SP-2014-615 Organizational Risk and Opportunity Management Concepts and Processes for NASA's Consideration NASA/SP-2014-615 Details See NASA/SP-2014-615

Recommended Reading

Title Author Year    
Workshop Minutes Enterprise Risk and Opportunity Management 2014 Minutes Details See Minutes
NASA and the Importance of Risk NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden 2013 Message Details See Message
Preparation, Submission, and Execution of the Budget Office of Management and Budget 2014 Circular A-11 Details See Circular A-11
Management's Responsibility for Internal Control Office of Management and Budget 2015 Circular A-123 Details See Circular A-123