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Safety and Mission Assurance (SMA) policies are categorized as NASA Policy Directives, NASA Procedural Requirements, NASA Standards, and Handbooks  and Guidance. To see the current status of SMA policies, including policies just published, currently in review or scheduled for review, visit the Policy Status Updates page. Some policies may require logging in to a NASA resource. For policies not listed on this page, please consult the following databases:

NASA Policy Directives 

Policy Title
NPD 8700.1 NASA Policy for Safety and Mission Success See NPD 8700.1

NASA Procedural Requirements

Policy Title
NPR 8715.24 Planetary Protection Provisions for Robotic Extraterrestrial Missions See NPR 8715.24
NPR 8705.4 Risk Classification for NASA Payloads See NPR 8705.4
NPR 8715.3 NASA General Safety Program Requirements See NPR 8715.3
NPR 8621.1 NASA Procedural Requirement for Mishap and Close Call Reporting, Investigating, and Recordkeeping See NPR 8621.1
NPR 8705.6 Safety and Mission Assurance Audits, Reviews, and Assessments See NPR 8705.6
NPR 8715.1 NASA Occupational Safety and Health Programs See NPR 8715.1
NPR 8715.5 Range Flight Safety Program See NPR 8715.5
NPR 8715.6 NASA Procedural Requirements for Limiting Orbital Debris See NPR 8715.6
NPR 8715.7 Expendable Launch Vehicle (ELV) Payload Safety Program See NPR 8715.7
NPR 8735.1 Procedures for Exchanging Parts, Materials, Software, and Safety Problem Data Utilizing the Government-Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) and NASA Advisories See NPR 8735.1
NPR 8735.2 Hardware Quality Assurance Program Requirements for Programs and Projects See NPR 8735.2
NPR 8000.4 Agency Risk Management Procedural Requirements See NPR 8000.4

NASA Standards

Policy Title
NASA-STD-8719.27 Implementing Planetary Protection Requirements for Space Flight See NASA-STD-8719.27
NASA-STD-8739.8 Software Assurance and Software Safety See NASA-STD-8739.8
NASA-STD-8739.12 Metrology & Calibration See NASA-STD-8739.12
NASA-STD-8739.10 Electrical, Electronic, and Electromechanical (EEE) Parts Assurance Standard See NASA-STD-8739.10
NASA-STD-8719.25 Range Flight Safety Requirements See NASA-STD-8719.25
NASA-STD-8719.7 Facilities System Safety Guidebook See NASA-STD-8719.7
NASA-STD-6008 NASA Fastener Procurement, Receiving Inspection, and Storage Practices for Spaceflight Hardware See NASA-STD-6008
NASA-STD-8719.9 Lifting Standard See NASA-STD-8719.9
NASA-STD-8719.24 Annex NASA Expendable Launch Vehicle Payload Safety Requirements Annex See NASA-STD-8719.24 Annex
NASA-STD-8719.24 NASA Expendable Launch Vehicle Payload Safety Requirements See NASA-STD-8719.24
NASA-STD-8719.17 NASA Requirements for Ground-Based Pressure Vessels and Pressurized Systems (PV/S) See NASA-STD-8719.17
NASA-STD-8719.14 Process for Limiting Orbital Debris See NASA-STD-8719.14
NASA-STD-8719.12 Safety Standard for Explosives, Propellants, and Pyrotechnics See NASA-STD-8719.12
NASA-STD-8719.11 Safety Standard for Fire Protection See NASA-STD-8719.11
NASA-STD-8739.9 Software Formal Inspections Standard See NASA-STD-8739.9
NASA-STD-8739.6 Implementation Requirements for NASA Workmanship Standards See NASA-STD-8739.6
NASA-STD-8739.5 Workmanship Standard for Fiber Optic Terminations, Cable Assemblies, and Installation See NASA-STD-8739.5
NASA-STD-8739.4 Workmanship Standard for Crimping, Interconnecting Cables, Harnesses, and Wiring See NASA-STD-8739.4
NASA-STD-8739.1 Workmanship Standard for Polymeric Application on Electronic Assemblies See NASA-STD-8739.1
NASA-STD-8729.1 Planning, Developing and Managing an Effective Reliability and Maintainability (R&M) Program See NASA-STD-8729.1

NASA Handbooks and Other Guidance 

Policy Title
NASA-STD-8719.27 Implementing Planetary Protection Requirements for Space Flight See NASA-STD-8719.27
NASA-STD-3001 Vol 2 NASA Space Flight Human System Standard Volume 2: Human Factors, Habitability, and Environmental Health See NASA-STD-3001 Vol 2
Meteoroid/Debris Shielding Meteoroid/Debris Shielding See Meteoroid/Debris Shielding
NASA-GB-8719.13 NASA Software Safety Guidebook See NASA-GB-8719.13
NASA/SP-2011-3421 Probabilistic Risk Assessment Procedures Guide for NASA Managers and Practitioners See NASA/SP-2011-3421
NASA/SP-2010-580 NASA System Safety Handbook Volume 1: System Safety Framework and Concepts for Implementation See NASA/SP-2010-580
NASA/SP-2011-3423 NASA Accident Precursor Analysis Handbook See NASA/SP-2011-3423
NASA/SP-2010-576 NASA Risk-Informed Decision Making Handbook See NASA/SP-2010-576
NASA-GB-A201 Software Assurance Guidebook See NASA-GB-A201
NASA-GB-A301 Software Quality Assurance Audits Guidebook See NASA-GB-A301
NASA/SP-2009-569 Bayesian Inference for NASA Probabilistic Risk and Reliability Analysis See NASA/SP-2009-569
NASA/SP-2011-3422 NASA Risk Management Handbook See NASA/SP-2011-3422
NASA/SP-2014-612 NASA System Safety Handbook Volume 2: System Safety Concepts, Guidelines, and Implementation Examples See NASA/SP-2014-612
NASA-HDBK-8709.24 NASA Safety Culture Handbook See NASA-HDBK-8709.24
NASA-HDBK-8739.23 Complex Electronics Handbook for Assurance Professionals See NASA-HDBK-8739.23
NASA-HDBK-8739.21 Workmanship Manual for Electrostatic Discharge Control (Excluding Electrically Initiated Explosive Devices) See NASA-HDBK-8739.21
NASA-HDBK-8739.19-4 NASA Measurement Quality Assurance Handbook - Annex 4: Estimation and Evaluation of Measurement Decision Risk See NASA-HDBK-8739.19-4
NASA-HDBK-8739.19-3 NASA Measurement Quality Assurance Handbook - Annex 3: Measurement Uncertainty Analysis Principles and Methods See NASA-HDBK-8739.19-3
NASA-HDBK-8739.19-2 NASA Measurement Quality Assurance Handbook - Annex 2: Measuring and Test Equipment Specifications See NASA-HDBK-8739.19-2
NASA-HDBK-8739.18 Procedural Handbook for NASA Program and Project Management of Problems, Nonconformances, and Anomalies See NASA-HDBK-8739.18
NASA-HDBK-8719.14 Handbook for Limiting Orbital Debris See NASA-HDBK-8719.14
NASA-HDBK-8709.22 Safety & Mission Assurance Acronyms, Abbreviations, & Definitions See NASA-HDBK-8709.22
NASA-CR-2013-218111 Context-Based Software Risk Model (CSRM) Application Guide See NASA-CR-2013-218111