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Caught Doing Right

The Caught Doing Right initiative celebrates the NASA family’s commitment to practicing proper safety procedures. All too often we are quick to point out when our colleagues are being careless with safety, and although it's important to correct unsafe behavior, we should put equal emphasis on those who faithfully incorporate safety measures into their daily work.

What You Can Do

When you see an employee or group working safely

  • Take a photo
  • Submit your photo using the "Submit Photos" button and completing the form

The photos, or "safies," can be accessed by any NASA employee or contractor within the NASA firewall.

By posting your “safies” on this site, you are not only sharing your commitment to safety with the rest of the agency, but sharing great work practices with them as well.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the year, a team of NASA safety professionals will assess the "safies" and decide on one to feature on a poster for all NASA centers. Be a part of celebrating your team's outstanding safety practices while encouraging others to do the same agencywide. 



Important Reports

A key part of NASA's Safety Culture is learning from our mistakes. It is only by assessing our mishaps that we are able to learn from them and move toward a better and safer future. Below are key agency mishap reports that provide important information that can benefit safety professionals both within the agency and beyond.