Safety Culture Refreshes SATERN Courses

Safety Culture Refreshes SATERN Courses

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Safety Culture

In 2017, the Safety Culture Working Group (SCWG) revised two Safety Culture SATERN courses that provide training for NASA employees and contractors. Both courses, “Orientation to NASA Safety Culture” and “Safety Culture for Supervisors,” cover the definition of Safety Culture, the NASA Safety Culture five factors, and responsibilities of both the participants and supervisors for supporting the agency’s Safety Culture.

The SCWG performed an internal review of the courses, took recommendations from the NASA Safety Center course developers and addressed the feedback from 1,700 survey responses from 2016. The updated courses now have a more modern look, are shorter in length and provide scenarios specific to NASA. Also new are nine short videos of NASA professionals describing real-world experiences using Safety Culture concepts.

The updated training courses focus on how Safety Culture applies to employees every day. While the new courses maintain the same message as the previous versions, they are fresh and relevant to the evolving mission of the agency. In the training, participants learn about the Safety Culture model and program, and how to integrate it into the fabric of operations within the agency.

Retaking the Courses

Those who have already taken these courses are not required to retake the courses. However, the SCWG encourages NASA employees to consider taking the courses as a refresher on the topic, as they contain new stories from NASA Safety Culture experts on applying Safety Culture concepts.

The courses are purposefully intended for two different audiences. They share overlapping information and similar content, but each offers a different perspective depending on the participant’s role and responsibilities within the agency.

Taking the Courses

“Orientation to NASA Safety Culture” and “Safety Culture for Supervisors” can be found in SATERN. For “Orientation to NASA Safety Culture,” search by the course title or use the SATERN ID HQ-SMA-ONSC. For “Safety Culture for Supervisors, search by the course title or use the SATERN ID HQ-SMA-SCS.

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