NASA Safety Culture Handbook Is Now Available

NASA Safety Culture Handbook Is Now Available

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Safety Culture Handbook

NASA-HDBK-8709.24, NASA Safety Culture Handbook is now available. The handbook, which was a collaborative effort from the Safety Culture Working Group, contains information on the NASA Safety Culture Program, the Safety Culture Model, the Safety Culture Survey process, and provides guidance on the development and implementation of Safety Culture at the center level.

The NASA Safety Culture Handbook was developed as a resource for all NASA personnel. By learning more about NASA’s safety culture and the reporting, training and guidance available, employees can improve and sustain a strong safety culture in their work environments.

The handbook details the five-factor model of NASA’s Safety Culture, and each of the factors: Reporting Culture, Just Culture, Flexible Culture, Learning Culture and Engaged Culture. In addition to defining each factor, the handbook gives NASA-specific examples and applications for each factor.

The handbook gives background information on NASA’s Safety Culture Program and some of the roles and responsibilities of the Safety Culture Working Group, including the Safety Culture Survey. The Safety Culture Survey is administered to each NASA center on a triennial basis. The handbook gives context to the survey’s purpose, scope, objectives and use, and also lists sample survey questions. 

For more information on the Safety Culture Program, visit the Safety Culture page.