Caught Doing Right

The Caught Doing Right initiative celebrates the NASA family’s commitment to practicing proper safety procedures. All too often we are quick to point out when our colleagues are being careless with safety, and although it's important to correct unsafe behavior, we should put equal emphasis on those who faithfully incorporate safety measures into their daily work.

See someone using good safety measures? Snap a photo and submit it to the Safety Culture gallery!

What You Can Do

When you see an employee or group working safely

  • Take a photo
  • Submit your photo and complete the form by using the "Submit Photos" button

The photos, or "safies," can be accessed by any NASA employee or contractor within the NASA firewall.

By posting your “safies” on this site, you are not only sharing your commitment to safety with the rest of the agency, but sharing great work practices with them as well.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the year, a team of NASA safety professionals will assess the "safies" and decide on one to feature on a poster for all NASA centers. Be a part of celebrating your team's outstanding safety practices while encouraging others to do the same agencywide. 

Photo Gallery


  • GRC-jim-mullins-cdr
  • GRC CDR-cuevas
  • larc_cdr


  • GRC CDR leaf blower
  • Installing grounds on substation LARC CDR
  • LARC CDR tower
  • LARC CDR fan blade box
  • LARC CDR Net Repair
  • thomas-648-staging-2
  • LARC CDR 5k Moonwalk & Run
  • brown-bird-box-caught-doing-right
  • Armstrong Test Facility CDR
  • bonesteel-cassandra-chang GRC CDR
  • RST Lifting Operation
  • GRC CDR 4
  • GRC CDR 3
  • GRC CDR 2
  • GRC CDR 1
  • OCFO All Hands
  • SSC canal locks
  • GSFC_CDR_Floor
  • Medical and IH Team
  • MRAP Artemis I
  • DNC Safety Award
  • BOSS Confined Space
  • BAC Award
  • SCWG F2F at KSC OCT 2022
  • Artemis I Beans and Cornbread
  • Crew 5 Safety Support
  • PPE_Lift_LARC
  • Lockout tag-out


  • Joe Irons - IVV
  • Safety Audit
  • Evacuation Drill
  • Quality offsite
  • VPP Artemis I
  • Facility Walkdown
  • VPP Initiatives
  • VPP Onsite Visit
  • BOSS Lift
  • SA Moves
  • Hydration
  • Sun Protection
  • Launch Traffic
  • Trip Hazard
  • Eye Protection at Home
  • de-koker-monica-edwards-stop-the-bleed
  • HPIW Inspection
  • Safety Inspection
  • Mowing Grass with PPE
  • GRC_Fire_Exercise
  • RF Survey
  • Lighting Survey
  • Hallway Hazard
  • Parking Lot Safety Hazard
  • Fall Protection Chiller
  • Mock Audit
  • Routine Vehicle Inspection
  • Employee Uses Extendable Pole Saw and Wears PPE
  • Safety Patrol
  • VPP On-Site Meeting
  • novotny-bird-collision-sticker
  • novotny-gas-can
  • novotny-screw
  • 2022-3-15_CDR_Robotics
  • 2022-3-15_CDR_VeggieLab
  • Thuquynh Dinh, PI3E JV LLP contractor at Goddard Space Flight Center, is using an Infrared View Finder to verify that the laser beam's path for a Class 4 laser system associated with the Mars Lidar brass b


  • jeziorowski-stimg_0245
  • windau-incident-response-team
  • holloway-nick-kemp-kevin-mclain-david-tucker-using-correct-ppe-during-grinding-operations-model-shop-10-28-2021
  • Larry Idler
  • ballachino
  • constructioncontractor
  • mellanson-caught3
  • bassford-caughtdoingright-hst102121
  • 2021-10-20_CDR_LucyRPT
  • novotny-terri-and-bldg-12
  • 2021-10-20_CDR_LucySLC41
  • holloway-warren-topping-_-tim-meidinger-bunched-rug-corrected-on-the-spot-10-21-2021-orient
  • 2021-10-19_CDR_FALLIntoSafetyBTS
  • de-koker-hq-library
  • mahnke-b87-crane-bus-rail
  • sheldon-img_2021-08-25_20-08-06
  • bynum-c5-pm-5-10-21
  • bynum-larry-working-on-butterfly-valve-seal
  • 2021-5-3_CDR_KSCVaccines
  • 2021-4-1_CDR_911Hardhat
  • 2021-4-7_CDR_Playground
  • 2021-3-26_CDR_IveySMAWalkDown
  • 2021-3-31_CDR_FriendsVaccinated
  • 2021-3-23_CDR_IveyDelta2Lift
  • 2021-3-23_CDR_GasLeak
  • 2021-3-23_CDR_SafeTravels
  • 2021-3-4_CDR_ErgoLift
  • 2021-3-23_CDR_FamilyVisit
  • 2021-1-14_CDR_ReturnToSite


  • sheldon-img_20201020_133809317
  • weiner-wff_retirement_parade
  • jeziorowski-lisa1
  • kennedy-temperature-check-station
  • martin-rsb-10-20
  • jeziorowski-sbcoe1
  • 2020-09-23_Virtual_VPP
  • 2020-4-21_CDR_StarlinerTesting
  • knight-rob-beach
  • de-jesus-img_0938
  • CDR Jeff H COVID ready
  • boomer-amps-rtow-selfie
  • turner-cdr_2020_wff
  • 2020-4-21_CDR_Orionlakaszcyck
  • 2020-4-10_CDR_Scape
  • 2020-4-16_CDR_RespFitTest2
  • P2
  • P1
  • P3
  • cohan-20200302_154532
  • Jerad Merbitz - safety
  • deza-bldg-97-tile-demolition-jan-2020
  • 2020-01-28_CDR_ElectricalLoto
  • 2019-12-19_CDR_ColorCodingHumanFactors
  • 2020-01-21_CDR_LH2_3
  • zakrajsek-grc_parking-lot-behind-bldg-49-zolo


  • sheldon-ivv_5113
  • 2019-12-18_CDR_ElectricLabel
  • avant-santos-caballero
  • ivv-sheldon-img_20191031_105914310
  • wff-caught-doing-right2
  • ksc-bolton-img_2928
  • 15 Lightyears employees utilize fall protection by being properly harnessed, tied off and securing their ladder while installing a photovoltaic solar panel system at Kennedy Space Center.
  • Kennedy Space Center employees call into their meeting instead of traveling outdoors while under a severe lighting warning.
  • patton-ssc-20191001-s00921h
  • Two BARCO Enterprises Inc. employees conduct lead abatement activity on the exterior of Building 17. The workers were wearing appropriate coveralls, respirators, safety glasses, hard hats and fall protection gear as they worked on scissor lifts.
  • TFOME Contractors
  • shorter-grc-2019-c-01028--aviator
  • shorter-grc-2019-c-01288--chemical-gear
  • shorter-grc-2019-c-01296--heat-protective
  • shorter-grc-2019-c-01033--white-tyvek
  • branicky-img_2692
  • Lisa Cutler, Goddard Space Flight Center's safety education and outreach coordinator, placed a framed Safety Culture poster next to the updated OSHA posters in all Goddard buildings.
  • novotny-carol-hensley---fire-warden-paac
  • gsfc-novotny-john
  • irons-curtis-cdr
  • GSFC-Tornado
  • Goddard Space Flight Center employee Lou Simmons guides a bucket truck backing up to avoid any potential hazards created by the limited visibility of the lifting apparatus.
  • Akima Facility Maintenance Contractors Gary Buckler and Don King alerted the safety office to damaged brick facing (potential falling debris) above the Building 23 entrances.
  • GSFC-Electrician


  • KSC_Pilot


If you think you will be capturing a lot of "safies," you are going to want to be able to access the Caught Doing Right page anytime, anywhere. Luckily, it’s easy to access from phones and tablets.

  • Visit on your cellphone or tablet
  • Select SMA Disciplines & Programs in navigation
  • Select Safety Culture
  • Select the “See Gallery” button in the Caught Doing Right section


  • Select the box with the upward facing arrow at the bottom of your screen
  • Select "Add to Home Screen"
  • Type in Safety Culture - Caught Doing Right
  • Select "Add"


  • Select the three vertically aligned dots on the top of your screen
  • Select "Add to Home screen"
  • Type in Safety Culture - Caught Doing Right
  • Select "Add"