Training Available: Learn to Perform Human Factors Analyses

Training Available: Learn to Perform Human Factors Analyses

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The Human Factors Task Force (HFTF) is hosting a virtual NASA Human Factors Analysis and Classifications System (NASAHFACS) training and certification course, available to NASA personnel interested in learning about the impact of Human Factors across the agency. The three-day certification course will be July 27-29, 2021, via Microsoft Teams.Human Factors

“This training is a great benefit to the agency,” said Tracy Dillinger, Human Factors technical manager. “We need greater awareness of how Human Factors impacts mishaps and to be able to recognize and prevent future Human Factors-related events.”

During the three-day certification, participants learn the concepts and information necessary to perform Human Factors analyses. The course teaches students how to code Human Factors during  mishap investigations, contribute to the agency database, and use NASAHFACS proactively in programs.

The Human Factors Program supports all NASA missions and strategic efforts within the agency. Each year, the HFTF develops an annual report for the agency and provides Human Factors support to Mishap Investigation Boards. The team applies NASAHFACS to Type A, B, C and High-Visibility mishaps, as well as High-Visibility close calls.

Register for the course in SATERN under “NASAHFACS Training and Certification” or “SMA-SAFE-OSMA-4009” by July 9. If you have questions, contact Tiffaney Alexander or Tracy Dillinger. For more information, visit the Human Factors web page.