Software Assurance Working Group

The Software Assurance Working Group (SAWG) is a group of Software Assurance (SA) professionals from across NASA who work together to help formulate NASA SA policy, standards, training, guidance, briefings and other needed items. It is also a forum to share experiences, lessons learned and useful techniques. The SAWG provides a community that can provide assistance and support to individual practitioners.

The group meets twice a month (second and fourth Wednesdays), with the second meeting of the month devoted to supporting SA Technical Excellence efforts.

Software Assurance Working Group

Martha Wetherholt

SA Program Manager

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Points of Contact

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Software Assurance Research Program

The Software Assurance Research Program (SARP) — hosted by NASA’s Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Program — is designed to provide NASA with greater knowledge about the Software Assurance (SA) practices, methods and tools needed to produce safe and reliable software.

SARP is designed to address fundamental SA problems in the field of software engineering, primarily as it relates to software safety, quality, IV&V, testability and reliability. It is intended to develop and transfer into practice SA technologies, methods and tools to support and improve the quality of the software produced by and for NASA, and to assist the agency in continuing its leadership in the development of safe, reliable and cost-effective software. Thus, by sponsoring forward-thinking research as well as addressing current needs, SARP helps assure that sufficient and appropriate software risk mitigation is applied to the software that controls and monitors NASA’s systems.

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Objectives Hierarchy

The Office of Safety and Mission Assurance (OSMA) has introduced a new objectives-based approach to better support NASA’s increasingly complex missions in a changing design environment. By focusing on objectives, OSMA hopes that the new standards will be more flexible, agile and cost-effective, and will allow more ingenuity to achieve objectives. It will serve as a guide to help programs and projects plan how they will meet their objectives, instead of dictating what they must do to via prescriptive requirements. Read the article, "OSMA Introduces New Objectives-Based Strategies," to learn more about objective hierarchies.

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Software Assurance Umbrella

What is under the Software Assurance Umbrella?

Software Assurance Umbrella

Software Assurance (SA) has a variety of projects of different sizes, criticality, complexity and mission. Some level of SA applies to most of them, and the discipline works at getting the right, tailored combination of software quality, reliability, safety, Verification and Validation, Independent Verification and Validation and cyber security on each.

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SATERN Courses

Course Title Course Number Buttons
Basics of Software Assurance for Non-Practitioners SMA-SA-WBT-101 SMA-SA-WBT-101 Details
Basics of Software Assurance for Practitioners SMA-SA-WBT-100 SMA-SA-WBT-100 Details
Defining Requirements for and Designing Safety Critical Software Intensive Systems SMA-SA-WBT-430 SMA-SA-WBT-430 Details
Formal Inspections: A Perspective-Based Approach SMA-SA-WBT-205 SMA-SA-WBT-205 Details
Intermediate Software Quality Assurance SMA-SA-WBT-201 SMA-SA-WBT-201 Details
Introduction and Assurance of Complex Electronics SMA-SA-WBT-302 SMA-SA-WBT-302 Details
Introduction to Software Reliability Engineering SMA-SA-WBT-240 SMA-SA-WBT-240 Details
Introduction to Software Testing SMA-SA-WBT-202 SMA-SA-WBT-202 Details
Overview of NASA Software Independent Verification and Validation SMA-SA-WBT-220 SMA-SA-WBT-220 Details
Overview of Software Safety SMA-SA-WBT-230 SMA-SA-WBT-230 Details
Safety of Complex Electronics SMA-SA-WBT-304 SMA-SA-WBT-304 Details
Software Analyses SMA-SA-WBT-401 SMA-SA-WBT-401 Details
Software Assurance Planning and Management SMA-SA-WBT-320 SMA-SA-WBT-320 Details
Software Auditor Skills SMA-SA-WBT-203 SMA-SA-WBT-203 Details
Software Configuration Management and Data Management SMA-SA-WBT-204 SMA-SA-WBT-203 Details
Software Failure Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analysis, and Fault Tree Analysis SMA-SA-WBT-305 SMA-SA-WBT-305 Details
Software Safety Planning and Management SMA-SA-WBT-431 SMA-SA-WBT-431 Details
Software System Safety SMA-SA-WBT-231 SMA-SA-WBT-231 Details
Software Verification and Validation SMA-SA-WBT-221 SMA-SA-WBT-221 Details

Instructor-Led Courses

Course Title Course Number Buttons
Applying Verification & Validation (V&V) Standards to Software Development and Testing SMA-SOFT-NSC-1008 SMA-SOFT-NSC-1008 Details
CMMI-DEV L2 for Practitioners SMA-SA-ILT-321 SMA-SA-ILT-321 Details
CMMI-DEV L3 for Practitioners SMA-SA-ILT-422 SMA-SA-ILT-422 Details
Engineering Safety and Security Related Requirements for Software Intensive Systems SMA-SOFT-NSC-1001 SMA-SOFT-NSC-1001 Details
Formal Inspections: A Perspective-Based Approach SMA-SOFT-NSC-1004 SMA-SOFT-NSC-1004 Details
Intermediate CMMI SMA-SA-ILT-420 SMA-SA-ILT-420 Details
Intermediate Software Testing SMA-SA-ILT-301 SMA-SA-ILT-301 Details
Introduction and Assurance of Complex Electronics SMA-SOFT-NSC-1002 SMA-SOFT-NSC-1002 Details
Introduction to CMMI SMA-SA-ILT-303 SMA-SA-ILT-303 Details
Introduction to Software Reliability Engineering SMA-SOFT-NSC-1000 SMA-SOFT-NSC-1000 Details
Software and Process Metrics SMA-SA-ILT-402 SMA-SA-ILT-402 Details
Software Auditor Skills SMA-SOFT-NSC-1006 SMA-SOFT-NSC-1006 Details
Software Functional Testing and Test Management SMA-SOFT-NSC-1007 SMA-SOFT-NSC-1007 Details
Software Metrics SMA-SOFT-NSC-1009 SMA-SOFT-NSC-1009 Details
Software Reliability Toolkit and Software Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) SMA-SOFT-NSC-1003 SMA-SOFT-NSC-1003 Details
Software Requirements Definition, Development, and Management SMA-SA-ILT-306 SMA-SA-ILT-306 Details
Software Safety for Practitioners SMA-SOFT-NSC-1005 SMA-SOFT-NSC-1005 Details

Policy and Guidance



NASA Software Assurance Standard

This standard specifies the Software Assurance requirements for software developed or acquired and maintained by NASA and for open-source software, Government Off-The-Shelf software, Modified Off-The-Shelf software and Commercial Off-The-Shelf software when included in a NASA system. This standard applies to use of new and existing (e.g., reuse, legacy, heritage) software products and components.

See NASA-STD-8739.8


NASA Software Safety Standard

This standard specifies the Software Assurance requirements for software developed or acquired and maintained by NASA and for open-source software, Government Off-The-Shelf software, Modified Off-The-Shelf software and Commercial Off-The-Shelf software when included in a NASA system. This standard applies to use of new and existing (e.g., reuse, legacy, heritage) software products and components.

See NASA-STD-8719.13

Additional Guidance

Policy Title Buttons Buttons
NPD 7120.4 NASA Engineering and Program/Project Management Policy NPD-7120-4 Details See NPD 7120.4
NPR 7120.7 Program/Project Management Requirements NPR-7120-7 Details See NPR 7120.7
NPR 7123.1 Systems Engineering Processes and Requirements NPR-7123-1 Details See NPR 7123.1
NPR 7150.2 Software Engineering Requirements NPR-7150-2 Details See NPR 7150.2
NASA-GB-8719.13 NASA Software Safety Guidebook NASA-GB-8719-13 Details See NASA-GB-8719.13
NASA-STD-8739.9 NASA Software Formal Inspections Standard NASA-STD-8739-9 Details See NASA-STD-8739.9
NASA-HDBK-8739.23 Complex Electronics Handbook for Assurance Professionals NASA-HDBK-8739.23 Details See NASA-HDBK-8739.23


Title Presenter(s) Date Additional Details Button Watch Button
The Economics of Systems and Software Reliability Assurance Dr. Barry Boehm 9/23/15 Economics of Systems Details Watch Economics of Systems
Software Assurance Webinar Series: SARP Steven Hard 7/23/15 SARP Details Watch SARP
Risk-Based Tailoring for Software Assurance Martha Wetherholt, Tim Crumbley, Joel Wilf and Mitch Ai-Chang 8/6/14 Risk-Based TailoringDetails Watch Risk-Based Tailoring
Mars Curiosity Panel Richard Brace, Richard Paynter, Ronald Welch and Frank Huy 7/23/13 Mars Curiosity Details Watch Mars Curiosity
Software Assurance of Small Projects Martha Wetherholt 9/17/12 Small Projects Details Watch Small Projects
Case Studies in Software Safety Accidents and Lessons Learned Terry Hardy 8/2/11 Case Studies Details Watch Case Studies
Analysis and Design Intent for Software Assurance Dr. William L. Scherlis 9/20/10 Analysis and Design Intent Details Watch Analysis and Design Intent
Baselines and Models: Duh, I Don't Get It! Diane Mizukami-Williams 7/19/10 Baselines and Models Details Watch Baselines and Models
Space Systems Development: Lessons Learned Larry Ross and Joe Nieberding 5/27/10 Space Systems and Development Details Watch Space Systems and Development