Cordero Receives Yes, If Award for Mission Security Approach

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Manuel “Manny” Cordero, Information Technology security specialist for NASA’s Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Program and advisor for the agency’s Enterprise Protection Program (EPP), recently received a “Yes, If” coin for proactively increasing awareness about software security risks to protect NASA missions.

Cordero received the “Yes, If” coin from Russ DeLoach, NASA chief of Safety and Mission Assurance, during the Office of Safety and Mission Assurance Face-to-Face meeting in February.


Cordero receiving the "Yes, If" coin from DeLoach

Cordero is responsible for managing the IV&V Cybersecurity Group in Mission Protective Services (MPS), which develops and delivers mission-focused cybersecurity strategies. In this role, he provides recommendations on agency software vulnerabilities, threats and risks to protect NASA missions. Cordero and other members of the MPS team contributed to the development of agency best practice guides that identify mission cybersecurity controls for space and ground systems. These guides aided in advancing the agency’s knowledge about software security risks and mitigations.

Cordero joined the IV&V team in 2016 as a civil servant. Before joining IV&V, he worked as a contractor at Goddard Space Flight Center for nine years. He was also recognized previously for his “Yes, If” approach when he received the 2021 Outstanding Leadership Medal during the annual Agency Honor Awards.

By building relationships with several NASA mission directorates, the Office of the Chief Engineer’s Mission Resilience and Protection Program, and the Office of the Chief Information Officer, Cordero continues to be instrumental in implementing a cross-agency approach to mitigating mission security risk.

“Over the last several years, Manny has embodied the ‘Yes, If’ mentality in his approach to overcoming organizational boundaries by facilitating intra- and inter-agency collaborations and partnerships to reduce cyber risks to NASA’s missions,” said NASA’s IV&V Program Director Wes Deadrick, who nominated Cordero for the award.  

“While much work still needs to be done, Manny’s demonstrated perseverance and tenacity represent the type of attitude needed to secure our flagship missions,” Deadrick said.


"Yes, If” NASA Culture

The “Yes, If” recognition coin represents the type of culture NASA would like to promote. An employee’s response to “Is this possible?” should be “Yes, if …” instead of “No, because …”.

Recipients of a “Yes, If” coin exemplify the spirit of ingenuity, creativity and commitment to safety that the agency was built upon.

Learn more about the “Yes, If” program by visiting the Safety Culture page. Nominate a colleague for the “Yes, If” award by completing the Nomination Form.