NASA Updates Ground-Based Pressure Vessel and Systems Training

NASA Updates Ground-Based Pressure Vessel and Systems Training

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The Office of Safety and Mission Assurance’s (OSMA) Ground-Based Pressure Systems Working Group (GBPSWG) completed a significant update to the agencywide SATERN training course, SMA-HQ-WBT-301, Ground-Based Pressure Systems Operations Safety. 

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This update accomplishes multiple goals, including

  • Aligning the course content with current NASA standards and Voluntary Consensus Codes (VCS).
  • Making the course fully web-based and interactive.
  • Bringing the course into compliance with the American National Standards Institute and International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training to help learners to earn Continuing Education Units.

Personnel working at NASA centers will eventually be exposed to hazardous pressurized liquid and gas systems. These systems are present in laboratories, test cells and stands, on launch pads, in industrial areas, in some office environments and even in your home.

This course is designed for all learners, from safety professionals, systems engineers and technicians, and any NASA personnel who may be exposed to ground-based Pressure Systems. 


The course focuses on changing the learners’ mindset so they can continually observe conditions around them and be cognizant of the potential hazards they may be exposed to while around a Pressurized System. 

It also introduces students to the Pressure Systems Manager (PSM) as the center Institutional Safety discipline lead and focal point for all Pressure Systems questions. Every center has a designated PSM who is responsible for ensuring the system owners are designing, installing, operating, maintaining, inspecting, testing and recertifying their pressurized systems within established NASA and VCS requirements.

The course introduces the learner to typical system terminology, commodities and components. It also provides a basic introduction to pressurized system design, operation, and built-in safety devices to protect personnel and equipment.

“The GBPSWG prides itself on teamwork and a proactive safety mindset,” said Clifton Arnold, Pressure Systems Program Executive, OSMA. “We believe that safety starts with everyone’s awareness; we welcome questions. This training not only benefits its attendees but may begin new safety conversations.”

The GBPSWG is comprised of systems engineers and safety professionals from multiple NASA centers who work together to develop the final course, making course development a team effort for the agency.

For more information, contact Arnold.