Jean Hill Receives Yes, If Coin for Embodying the “Yes, If” Approach

Jean Hill Receives Yes, If Coin for Embodying the “Yes, If” Approach

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Jean Hill, Human Landing Systems (HLS) and Lander Ground Operations (LGO) Design Systems Safety Reliability and Maintainability engineer, Exploration Research and Technology Office at Kennedy Space Center, received a “Yes, If” coin for continuously embracing the “Yes, If” approach in her work. Hill is willing to have the tough and honest conversations that address mitigations needed to ensure the HLS program is meeting and identifying safety requirements. 

On Oct. 18, 2021, Russ DeLoach, chief, Safety and Mission Assurance (SMA), surprised her with the coin via a Microsoft Teams meeting.

“We started the all-hands meeting, and Russ came in to speak,” said Hill. “When he said my name, I was caught completely off guard.”

Recipients of the “Yes, If” coin exemplify the spirit of ingenuity, creativity and commitment to safety that the agency was built upon. Hill has adopted the “Yes, If” approach in all of her responsibilities at NASA. She served as the acting LGO Hazard Operations discipline lead to develop the HLS LGO Insight Plan and served on the Design and Construct Adjudication Team. She played a pivotal role in helping the NASA HLS System Safety Team construct the HLS integrated preliminary hazard list Fault Tree Analysis and disposition the Reclama through the HLS Control Board. She also provided SMA insight of all three providers/partners and their program-level documentation and SMA analyses. 

When the HLS program is not meeting requirements, Hill reports safety concerns to leadership and requests funding needed to ensure processes are followed correctly.

“I’m responsible for other people’s safety; my people always come first,” said Hill. “So, there are times when I have to be pretty tough and have to help them see safer options.”

Hill successfully leads the development of the new Integrated Hazard Reports from a ground operations perceptive for Kennedy and HLS. She has a unique skill set, which makes her sought after by System Safety, Reliability, and Systems Engineering and Integration engineers concerning safety requirements and proving the design is safe enough. Among Hill’s HLS responsibilities, she also developed and taught a Human Space Flight Design System Safety and Reliability/Quality requirements course that is available in SATERN. 

To learn more about the “Yes, If” Program, visit the Safety Culture web page.