Langley Unveils NDE Simulation and Modeling Tools

Langley Unveils NDE Simulation and Modeling Tools

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CIVA Sectorial Scan Model

Langley Research Center is actively using state-of-the-art Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) modeling and simulation tools to accelerate the adoption of advanced materials and ensure the safety of aging infrastructure.

Currently, Langley is exploring the use of advanced materials in Additive Manufacturing, which shows particular promise for benefiting from these tools, and looking at future implications for structures designed and optimized by Artificial Intelligence. In addition, the center is using CIVA — a computational modeling and simulation software — to simulate complex weld inspections on aging ground-based metallic Multi-Layered Pressure Vessels (MLPVs). These efforts will potentially help the agency qualify and certify MLPVs acquired by the agency prior to the adoption of American Society of Mechanical Engineers Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code construction techniques.

Read “NASA LaRC Unveils NDE Simulation & Modeling Tools to Accelerate Adoption of Advanced Materials and Ensure Aging Infrastructure Safety” to learn more about Langley’s efforts and their benefit to the agency.

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