MetCal Releases New SATERN Course

MetCal Releases New SATERN Course

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The Office of Safety and Mission Assurance’s Metrology and Calibration (MetCal) Program recently released “Handling, Transport, Storage, & Shipping of Measuring & Test Equipment” in SATERN. This one-hour course provides an overview of the proper physical handling, transporting, storing and shipping of Measuring and Test Equipment (MTE) to help ensure it will continue to meet its accuracy specifications.

“This course was developed to help reduce or eliminate MTE out-of-tolerances caused by improper care,” said Kenny Mathews, MetCal delegated program manager.

After taking this course, participants will be able to

  • Describe key aspects of proper physical handling
  • Identify requirements for handling Electrostatic Discharge-sensitive equipment
  • Describe good practices for transporting and storing MTE
  • Describe good practices for packaging MTE in preparation for shipment

“The agency relies on measurement data throughout the program and project life cycle,” said Mathews. “The information we gather plays an important part in decisions that affect our missions. It’s essential we take proper care of MTE to ensure our programs and projects are making educated decisions based on accurate data.”

“Handling, Transport, Storage, & Shipping of Measuring & Test Equipment” is intended for program, project and center personnel that use, handle, transport, store and ship MTE. This includes engineers, technicians and personnel that provide quality oversight, as well as logistics and transportation personnel.

This new course can be found in SATERN under course code SMA-HQ-WBT-107.