Updates to Policy for Human Rating

Updates to Policy for Human Rating

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NPR 8705.2

NPR 8705.2, Human Rating Requirements for Space Systems was updated to reflect current agency policies. Revision C included changes to improve accountability throughout the Human-Rating certification process, clarification of the scope of human-systems integration analyses, clarifications regarding the failure tolerance requirement and more explicit involvement of the crew safety representatives.

The most significant changes include

  • The associate administrator will serve as the single endorsement of the certification package at the Preliminary Design Review
  • Clarification as to when ground personnel are included in specific human-systems integration analyses
  • Clarification of the failure tolerance requirement to be at least single failure tolerant
  • Clarification that it is structural failure of pressurized lines that are exempt from the failure tolerance requirement and not all failures of these lines
  • More consistent and explicit inclusion of the Johnson Space Center director, as the crew representative, in determining the acceptability of risk to the crew

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