Updated NSRS Course Available on SATERN

Updated NSRS Course Available on SATERN

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NSRS Course

An updated and revised NASA Safety Reporting System (NSRS) course is now available on SATERN. NSRS is the agency’s anonymous reporting system for hazards and safety concerns; it allows NASA employees and contractors to report concerns to upper management without fear of reprisal.

This one-hour course covers the purpose of NSRS, how to obtain an NSRS form, how to complete and submit a report, how a report is processed and how the reporter’s anonymity is protected throughout the process.

The “NASA Safety Reporting System” course was revised to incorporate updates to the NSRS process and to include video.

This course provides details of the NASA safety reporting process for safety professionals as well as a general audience. It also provides links to the NSRS website and the reporting form.

The course can be found in SATERN by searching for “NASA Safety Reporting System” or SMA-038-01 (NASA Only).