Updated Workmanship Standard Released

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Update: This article was updated to reflect that Alvin Boutte is now the Point of Contact for questions regarding Workmanship Standards.

NASA published an updated version of NASA-STD-8739.5, Workmanship Standard for Fiber Optic Terminations, Cable Assemblies, and Installation, on Sept. 14, 2015. This update adds an exclusion and a new requirement in addition to meeting agency requirements to periodically check and refresh the standard.

All of the active NASA Workmanship standards are in a refresh cycle and will carry changes that increase their alignment with NASA-STD-8739.6, Implementation Requirements for NASA Workmanship Standards, published in August 2012. NASA-STD-8739.6 now holds all cross-cutting requirements, such as facilities, tools and general material controls, as well as the general training requirements for Workmanship operators, inspectors and instructors.

A significant change to NASA-STD-8739.5 formatting is the order of the content. Now, the requirements are arranged in the order of operations — requirements for parts and material selection, design, and process development and qualification precede inspection and test requirements. The update also places added emphasis on requirements by trimming away commentary and suggestions that normally are discussed during training. 

The update clarifies that personnel who are working to the requirements of Technical Order 1-1A-14 (Installation and Repair Practices, Aircraft Electric and Electronic Wiring) are not required to be trained in accordance with NASA-STD-8739.6 and NASA-STD-8739.5 when installing optical cable into certified NASA aircraft unless they are terminating optical fiber or repairing optical cable. The requirements in section 12.3, Workmanship Quality Controls and Quality Criteria for Fiber Optic Assembly Installations, are required to be flowed down to work orders for these cases. The requirements of section 12.3 include proper use of cable ties, use of dust caps and cleanliness check prior to mating optical connectors. 

Questions on Workmanship policies can be directed to Alvin Boutte