Meteoroid Engineering Model PoC

Dr. Althea Moorhead

Dr. Althea Moorhead

Dr. Althea Moorhead is a member of the Meteoroid Environment Office and leads the office’s efforts in improving and updating NASA's Meteoroid Engineering Model (MEM). As the MEM Point of Contact, she provides user support and assists spacecraft programs in applying MEM to their designs, as well as directing ongoing development of the software and its underlying meteoroid environment model. In addition to her work on MEM, Moorhead also conducts investigations of meteor showers, such as the 2014 Kappa Cygnid outburst. She also models unique meteoroid environments such as that produced by comet Siding Spring during its Mars flyby.

Moorhead has a Bachelor of Science degree in physics and mathematics from the University of Arizona and a Doctorate of Philosophy in physics from the University of Michigan. Before joining NASA, she worked at the University of Florida as a postdoctoral researcher studying the dynamics of extrasolar planetary systems. She is a member of the American Astronomical Society.


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