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New ELV Payload Safety Course in SATERN

New Course: "Expendable Launch Vehicle Payload Safety Requirements"

Recently, a new course, “Expendable Launch Vehicle Payload Safety Requirements” (SMA-HQ-WBT-206), was released to the agency in SATERN. The course focuses on NASA-STD-8719.24, NASA Expendable Launch Vehicle Payload Safety Requirements.

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Updated NSRS Course Available on SATERN

NSRS Course

An updated and revised NASA Safety Reporting System (NSRS) course is now available on SATERN.

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LDE Releases a New SATERN Course on Lifting Devices and Equipment for Managers and Program Personnel

LDE New Course

“Lifting Devices and Equipment (LDE) for Managers and Program Personnel," recently made available on the SATERN site, will help managers and program personnel understand the hazards, process and requirements associated with use of LDE.  

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New SATERN Course: Introduction to Risk Assessment Concepts, Tools, and Techniques

Risk Assessment Course

This new online course provides information to non-subject matter experts on risk assessment concepts, tools, techniques and application.

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NASA’s Explosives Safety Course Revamped

Explosives Safety

NASA is rolling out an Explosives Safety course to replace center-specific courses and provide consistent training throughout the agency. Goddard Space Flight Center Explosives Safety Officer Gordon Marsh taught the updated course, “Basics Explosive Safety Training,” at Wallops Flight Facility on Feb. 11-12.

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New Construction Safety Training Opportunities in SATERN

Construction Safety Training

New courses in SATERN provide accessible training in Construction Safety for NASA employees and contractors. The offerings are video captures of courses that traditionally are taught only in-person, and as a result expand the availability and accessibility of important training for NASA’s construction community.

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New SATERN Course: Overview of the NASA Alert System

Overview of NASA Alert System Course

Learn more about the Government-Industry Data Exchange Program and NASA Advisories in this new SATERN course on the NASA Alert System, available now.

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New SATERN Course on Orbital Debris Is Now Available

Orbital Debris Course

Want to learn more about orbital debris? A new SATERN course, “Orbital Debris,” is available.

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New NASA Training Opportunity: Hazard Analysis Basics Course

Hazard Analysis Basics Course

A new course, “Hazard Analysis Basics,” is now available in SATERN.

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Course Covers NASA’s New System Safety Framework

System Safety Framework

NASA’s Office of Safety and Mission Assurance debuted the new “System Safety II” training course, which presents the new NASA System Safety framework, on Jan. 22-23, 2014.

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ELV Payload Safety Program Releases New Training and Forms

ELV Payload Safety Program

The Expendable Launch Vehicle (ELV) Payload Safety Program recently released a new training course and revised three safety forms. Established in 2008, the ELV Payload Safety Program attempts to mitigate and eliminate payload hazards and the hazards affecting the related facilities and personnel.

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