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Updates to Policy on Mishap and Close Call Reporting, Investigating and Recordkeeping Improve Investigation Process

NPR 8621.1C

Changes to NPR 8621.1, Mishap and Close Call Reporting, Investigating, and Recordkeeping went into effect on May 19, 2016. These updates affect NASA’s process for endorsing and releasing mishap reports following incidents.

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Mishap Program Working Group Looks to Human Factors for New Techniques

Mishap Program Working Group

NASA’s Mishap Program Working Group focused on Human Factors Analysis and Classification System training during its annual meeting, held Aug. 5-8 at Johnson Space Center.

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Recap: Mishap Program Working Group Meeting

Working Groups: Mishap Program

NASA’s Mishap Program Working Group met at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for its annual face-to-face operational meeting in August. The theme of this year’s meeting was, “How do we get better?”

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NPR Revisions Include Changes to NASA Mishap Classifications and Investigation Boards

NPR 8621.1B

Changes to NPR 8621.1B align NASA’s mishap classifications with the Department of Defense, save agency resources, enhance the quality of mishap investigations and improve aircraft mishap data.

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