NPR 8705.6C Revision Overview

NPR 8705.6C Revision Overview

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NPR 8705.6

Updates to NPR 8705.6, Safety and Mission Assurance (SMA) Audits, Reviews, and Assessments, took effect Jan. 9, 2017. These changes were made to update and streamline the audit process.

According to this revision of the NASA Procedural Requirement (NPR), the NASA Safety Center (NSC) will conduct Institutional, Facility and Operational Safety Audits (IFOSAs) and Quality Audit, Assessment and Reviews (QAARs) every four years or more frequently as directed by the Chief, SMA. Previously, audits occurred every three years. Because agency noncompliance to requirements has trended down for several years, NASA can better deploy resources as a result of this change.

The revised NPR also specifies the NSC will conduct Interim Center Assessments (ICAs) at NASA centers and component facilities midway between scheduled audits to ensure a review occurs every other year as necessary. These ICAs will help centers gauge progress and receive guidance on Corrective Actions to prepare for future audits. The ICA is meant to assist both the agency and the center in gauging how well the center performs against agency requirements.

For questions regarding the revisions, contact AAO Director Rob Ellison.